El Morro - San Juan Puerto Rico - DJ Foothill

Spanish Fort El Morro - San Juan Puerto Rico

Ten models will be selected to join the Fastlane Divas on two beautiful tropical islands to shoot for our February 2012 swimsuit issue! Five of the ten models will be selected to travel to Puerto Rico. The remaining five will travel with us to Hawaii.

The Waterfalls of Yunque - Puerto Rico - DJ Foothill

The Waterfalls of Yunque - Puerto Rico

This is how it will work. We will go through the model submissions and select a minimum of 7 of the submissions each week, and we will put them onto the website. At that time the models will have a set amount of time to get as many votes as possible. When that phase is done we will move on to the next phase of the process. Selection for involvement will also be decided based on submitted images, personality of the model and the types of photos the model is willing to shoot.

Hawaii - DJ Foothill


Five models will; based on the number of votes they get be eligible to shoot for upcoming issues of Fast Lane Lifestyle Magazine. Of those five the model with the highest ranking will get to shoot a cover and centerfold layout.

Hawaii - DJ Foothill

From that we will be selecting models to be voted on from September – October after which the top ten models will be selected based on their votes to travel with us for this incredible opportunity.

We are looking for Female models 18 – 30 in Southern California, who aren’t shy about their bodies. Submit today in order to be considered. Voting starts January 2011 and continues until October 2011.

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