We know that not everyone has the same relationship as everyone else. Some couples enjoy quite a different type of marital lifestyle. And that is partner swapping. Many of these couples do a considerable amount of traveling with one another and would like to engage in their lifestyle while on the road.

The big question is how do they accomplish this with the freedom of being away from nosy neighbors, or fearing that they’ll run into someone at the market or PTA meeting. Don’t laugh because it does happen.

Whenever there’s a trip on the horizon, be aware that you can still satisfy your swinging needs by selecting the best destinations available. Many swingers believe that it’s very difficult to meet new people with similar mindsets while traveling. I personally do not agree with this. As an avid traveler myself, I’ve concluded that swinging is very popular in most countries around the world (wherever it’s legal), and it’s possible to find hotels, cruises, and meet-ups just about everywhere.

An important piece of advice I can give you is to make plans in advance. It can be hard to meet new swingers if you haven’t researched in which places they commonly meet. The only thing you should keep in mind is to make plans in advance on websites such as Swinger Nation. Then, enjoy it!

Jolly Beach

Whenever you want to indulge in the benefits of swinging while on vacation, you should alwaysactively find hotels that encourage swinging and promote the lifestyle. There is no reason to be reserved and shy at any of these lodging options. Quite the contrary, freedom to feel and experiment is widely encouraged for you and your couple.

There are little limits and lots of pleasure to be had. The only requirement is to have an open mind, and be willing to indulge in the exclusive pleasures that swinging offers to your life.

The following are three great swinger-centric hotels, where I’ve found myself having a great experience time and again:

Desire Resort and Spa, Cancun, Mexico. desire-cabos-rooftop-jacuzziProbably everyone has heard about Cancun at this point. White sands, crystal clear water, friendly people…

Prior to visiting Cancun, I was not aware that Cancun had many spots for the swinger crowd. As a swinger, you should definitively take a look at the Desire Resort and Spa.

It’s hard to find a fault where the staff is friendly and the people are so laid back and easy going. The combination of beautiful Caribbean beaches and excellent service makes me want to visit this hotel every time I’m at Cancun.

Rama Kien Lifestyle Resort, Pattaya, Thailand. ramakienpoolWas there any doubt that you’d find an excellent swinger hotel in Thailand? I’m a personal fan of Buddhist imagery, which is something you’ll find at the Rama Kien Lifestyle Resort in Pattaya.

It gives the place a certain air of calmness and Zen that lures many swinger couples every year. The Rama Kien Lifestyle Resort is perfect for swinger couples that are looking for an exotic vacation full of pleasure and unexpected adventures.

9ff5713bf3c21543d3aeafb0aeb5fe60.jpgToren Hotel, Amsterdam. Whenever someone utters the word “sin city”, there are three places that never fail to pop up in my mind: Las Vegas, Bangkok and Amsterdam. When I visited Amsterdam, because of the city’s reputation I had no doubt in my mind that I would find plenty of swinger-centric spots to keep me satisfied during my stay.

The city lived to its reputation as I found that there’s probably no better place for a swinger couple looking for total freedom. The city is the perfect background for anyone that loves this lifestyle as much as I do.

The Toren Hotel welcomes couples from everywhere into the capital of open mindedness with a nice and friendly staff that will make sure your stay at the city of sin is full of great experiences.



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