The word “Bistro” is clearly over used these days. Often in order to stay A-listed and in vogue, this term gets frivolously tossed around like its constituent catch phrases; comfort food, artisanal; even farm to table: although pretty and politically correct, the corresponding food falls short of the description when it’s set before you.

Read: Emphatically not the case here.

The bistro title isn’t a gimmick at db’s rather, it’s their bottom line. Located in the bustling fashion and theater districts of midtown, the French cuisine here sustains its authenticity, yet defers to the flavors of a demanding and contemporary American market. Daniel_Entrance_1.1The result: a well-executed partnership between new generations of Parisian bistros whose classically-trained chefs offer creative cuisine within a relaxed and informal setting.

This triumph is because of the artistry of renown Chef Daniel Boulud.

His 120-seat dining room feels inviting and familiar via carved furniture, metal bead curtains and hand- rubbed plaster walls, all offset by the warmth of amber colored glass, fabric-wrapped ceiling panels and olive toned velveteen upholstery.

Chef Boulud has achieved an atmosphere of gravitas balanced with levity, of playful creativity, without compromising the seriousness of the patriarchal roots that its family tree commands. (Restaurant Daniel)

The seasonal menus, prepared and beautifully plated by Chef Laurent Kalkotour, highlight the quality of fine ingredients used.

Waiters bring inventive signature dishes to the table, such as their very popular – and legendary – DB burger,  a veritable achievement of freshly-ground sirloin generously stuffed with red wine braised short ribs and foie gras, then piled high on a house-made toasted parmesan bun.

The larger “Royale” version (adding decadent, shaved black truffle) with a bountiful side of pommes frites and you have the beloved classic hamburger lifted to a divine place.

At the end of the meal, Pastry Chef Jerome Maure‘s offers delicious confectionary treats such as Chestnut Bread Pudding with vanilla spice poached pears, chestnut crumble and pear sorbet. Undecided?

Freshly-brewed coffees come accompanied by house made madeleines, gently choosing for you. For traditionalists, feel free to dine by the book here, adding a selection of fromage, such as Brie de Meaux, Roaring Forties Blue and Humboldt Fog goat cheese, casting just the right finishing touch.


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