Mr. & Mrs Bund Shanghai’s Exciting Entertainment Destination!

Mr&Mrs Bund - Shanghai @FastLaneMagUpon arriving at Mr & Mrs Bund, the brilliant red and green front doors hint that this won’t be a bland dining experience.

Enter the Bund restaurant and the hipster-chic décor confirms it — an oversized abacus and a classic arcade machine commingle with chic glass-blown chandeliers and dark wood.

Mr&Mrs Bund - Shanghai @FastLaneMagThe modern French food takes a similar sophisticated-but-witty approach: A jumbo shrimp comes in a glass mason jar with citrus, lemongrass and vanilla, and tuna mousse is packed in a tin can. Mr & Mrs Bund, one of the city’s only late-night fine-dining spots, is just plain fun.

Mr&Mrs Bund - Shanghai @FastLaneMagMr & Mrs Bund is an ideal place for group dining as chef Paul Pairet’s mission for the restaurant is to make it easy (and downright fun) to share dishes — think casual Sunday-night dinner but with elevated modern French food and room to spread out.

Mr&Mrs Bund - Shanghai @FastLaneMagWhile dishes are executed with exacting standards, they are served in generous portions family-style, placed in the center of the table so everyone in your party can taste from each. Many of the tables, which were personally designed by Pairet, have a metal extension so plates can be placed both out of the way and within reach.

Mr&Mrs Bund - Shanghai @FastLaneMagThe restaurant is located on the 6th floor of the art deco building and has a bright and funky ambiance. We requested and received a table by the window so we could enjoy the stunning view.

18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Road
Shanghai, China


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