Jeju Island is a volcanic island off the coast of South Korea, a vacation hot spot that Koreans look forward to going to in the summertime.

Also, when Jeju Island is mentioned during polite conversation with Korean strangers, they become very happy and  will go on to reminisce about their favorite time on the island.


Jeju Island is definitely a gem that South Korea likes to share with foreigners.

The weather is pleasant with more of a breeze than other sections of Korea that swelter in August.


Jeju Island has an endless amount of attractions.

Most importantly, the hike on Mount Hallasan  is a gorgeous experience to immerse yourself around the lush flowers and greenery.

There are other nice formations to see too like waterfalls, beaches and historic Korean folk villages.

When not outside, you can be fulfilled by every imaginable museum that often contains comical delight.

They even have a museum for things that you never thought needed a museum, like the teddy bear museum, Loveland (the love and sex sculpture museum that I hope to write about later) and the upcoming Hello kitty museum.


Jeju’s touristy nature also provides special duty free shopping that extends to regional food specials.

At the Jeju airport , you can still take home hallabong (a sort of tangelo fruit) as a tea or pressed into chocolate or by the large crate which you  would have already seen in the marketplaces around the island.

Going out in Jeju is more expensive, so communal dining is more mandatory than ever.

But this way you can try the local seafood and explore Pork Street, a literal street where you can try all parts of their specialty black pork including some nice pork neck.

Fish too is a great commodity from their beaches, so after you enjoy their warm water beach resorts you can sit down with some tasty food like this:

seafood meal jeju 2


There are a variety of Asian airlines including Korean Air and China Air that fly to Jeju Island.

I recommend going through the airport in Busan to explore that busy city and then relax in Jeju Island.

The flight from Busan to Jeju is under two hours long.

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