NX-100b1Incipio’s f38™ Hi-Fi- Stereo Headphones are now available.  Incipio enters the audio realm for the first time with a big, BANG.  Well-known tech followers, GADGETMAC and iLounge, have been hyping up the f38′s™ in the media. (Kudos!)  Go back in time with these retro-style headphones and listen to your favorite jams.  Find out more about the  f38™ headphones after the jump…

NX-100d1Take your f38’s™ on a bike ride, pretend to be a DJ, or just tune out the world on your flight.  The  f38™ is a cozy fit over-the-ear and produces quality sound in any situation.

NX-100a1F38′s™ are crafted using a lightweight steel wire headband, synthetic leather ear cuffs and a perforated headband.  This combination is aesthetically pleasing and powered by a 38 mm driver unit…hence the nickname, f38™!  Plus,the single sided cord fits in any standard 3.5mm Jack. They are compatible with your iPhone, laptop, iPod etc.

Overall, f38’s™ are affordable, powerful, comfortable and totally retro!  Available in both bright and neutral colors to match your music taste.

NX-100c1We Say:

Incipio makes a great set of lightweight over the ear headphones. They sound quality is superb, even at deafening volumes there is no distortion that we could detect. And we tried it with hip-hop, Country, Heavy Metal, and Rock and our Incipios handled it with ease. The lightweight construction is not to be mistaken for being weak, or low grade as these are some very sturdy headphones.

Even after wearing them for six hours straight we almost forgot that we were wearing them, and they have a pretty cool retro look. Definitely put Incipio on your gift list as they will make a great stocking stuffer.

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