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What can one say about Shawnae Belvedere (@ShawnaeB)? Well a lot of things come to mind but sexy is most certainly one of them. Shawnae is possibly the smallest Diva ever well everything but her boobs anyway. Shawnae has an incredibly fun personality and is usually the class clown on set.

She is the High Speed Divas Team leader currently, and that puts her in charge of keeping the other Divas on their toes. The above image is from our June 2010 shoot with the Back To The Future Delorean. You can check out that issue by clicking HERE!

Not only is Shawnae an accomplished model, but she is also an actress and recently wrapped shooting for a new show to be shown on Showtime, and I was assured by her that there are sex scenes in the show! YUM YUM! But she is also a licensedÀšÃ‚ cosmetologistÀšÃ‚ and hair stylists. Talk about versatile!

Shawnae is the only currently active High Speed Diva that has a distinction pertaining to her affiliation that only 4 other girls share!ÀšÃ‚ Below are a few options for fun select which one you think that is.


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